Habemus domus!

Domus?  Domum?  Neuter, right?  Meh, silly language.

Anyway, we’ve got a house.  It’s all cozy and — empty.  Cause I can’t move until my Preferred Label Here  gets back from his work-travel and family-travel, so that won’t be until after the New Year, probably.  I did go and shovel the walk, and I have one question to ask those who live in houses rather than apartments or farms with plows: viz, how the hell do you shovel the driveway every single time it snows and still make it to work on time?  I’m already dreading this job.

Speaking of dreading and jobs, I finished up grading my finals today.  Going to enter the grades in my gradebook next, then turn them in Monday and I’ll officially be on vacation, which is great, because I have yet to buy any (well, almost any) Christmas/Yule presents for my family.

Oh, and I promised you some magic talk (you, my two or three readers.  Yay you!  That makes you better than most people, you know, reading me).

So getting the loan on this house was, for various problems, deeply difficult.  It wasn’t a credit issue — as one of the select adepts of arcane mysteries who understands compound interest, I have pretty good credit.  It was an issue with paperwork, being lost, being confused, and so on.

Finally, out of frustration, we decided to abandon our original bank (which will remain nameless, although they’re named after a very large and important country) and go with a mortage company.  Over Thanksgiving, I had a dream:

I was walking through a hallway of black stone, giving orders to people through a headset.  Someone had invaded my territory, and I was trying to capture them.  It was clear that I was in charge, and I was going somewhere.  Finally, because mundane efforts — my security force — weren’t yielding much success, I started calling up spirits, including one that I used to get the paperwork facilitated for my dissertation.  I had forgotten about him in my waking mind, but in the dream, he worked at getting the invaders captured.  I met them in my throne room, which was pretty cool.

Shortly after that dream, I reactivated that spirit and asked him to “smooth the way.”  We got the loan shortly after.  Here’s the weird part, though.  The closing was anything but smooth.  It took five hours, because the names had been screwed up on the paperwork.  It pretty much ate all of my Friday.

So — I have the house.  But did the spirit work, or was it just mundane success?  It took us three months to get the loan, but after the evocation I got it in a couple days.  But shouldn’t a spirit made to “smooth the way” have made sure the paperwork was right, especially since he was specifically a spirit who dealt with facilitating paperwork?

Don’t know what to chalk this one up as.  It kind of feels like the pattern I’ve experienced when I’ve done magic for the same thing twice in a short period, actually: I get it, but with one final screw up.  I wonder now, did I actually do the magic in my dream, and doing it while awake just complicated the issue?  I don’t know, but it’s interesting to consider.

(obviously, the easiest answer is magic is self-deception — always a tempting answer, and I’d love to cling to it, but that’d be an act of existential Bad Faith, considering my previous experiences.  I have to trust my experiences.)


4 Responses to “Habemus domus!”

  1. You can add me as no 4 reader! The best with your new home. On days when I know i must shovel before, yup, your just going to have to get up real early. Anyhow, I look forward to reading your thoughts/experience concerning magic.

  2. Congratulations on gaining house and new home. It may seem empty now, but one day, very soon, you will look around it and say “where did all this crap come from?” Nature abhors a vacuum and all that, but really, what fun is minimalism when it isn’t a choice for so many? OK, ending the silly banter-let me, and DH, or SL (or whatever title we can agree on) know how to find you, once you’ve actually moved. We like sending housewarming gifts!

  3. love the new theme, by the way. New home, new theme… next you’ll be getting a new haircut and a puppy!

    Congrats! You’re an inspiration to folks to use magic to get happy. I plan a blog about that, and I’ll try not to mention you too in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

    I think the spirit smoothed the way for you. Messed up names aren’t half the trouble you *could* have faced. Our title company kept the insurance deposit and didn’t file the paperwork to officially make us an FHA loan.

    I hire local teens to shovel, and neighbors have snowblowers. a tenner and a smile on the way to the car with, can you do my walk too? is usually enough to have the walk and driveway finished up nicely. Most of the time they wave off the cash, depending on how broke the neighbor is.

  4. My thanks for your kind words concerning my blog. By your leave, I’ll be adding pomomagic to my own blogroll shortly. And congratulations on the house! Closings can be very trying times, even when everything goes right. Whenever things seemingly go wrong, I tell myself it’s just the universe making sure that I’m in the right place at the right time, perhaps months down the road. I simply tell myself that the gods are making sure the dominoes are set just so, so that – by serendipity or the butterfly effect or somesuch – I’ll walk into something truly wonderful, or at least avoid the near-fatal car accident that doubtless would have occurred had I not been delayed. Optimism at its most existential! (Ahem…) Have a blessed and joyous Yule!

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