Change in the Wind

Finally, I have re-arranged my blog a bit to make it a bit more friendly to myself, if not to my visitors.  This new arrangment will make it easier for me to post more frequently.

I’m closing on a new home Friday.  After the closing, I’ll tell you about the magic I had to do to get this house.

I’m also finishing up finals right now.  I have two more classes worth of portfolios to grade, a task that’s not terribly arduous in that I don’t need to write comments on them.  At the same time, every time I read a sentence like “Many people think that literature is a way for people to express emotions and ideas in language, and the author uses his language to express an image of loneliness in the ideas and words of the poem” my fingers twitch toward my red pen.  Fortunately, the vast majority of my students are wonderful, and I get a lot more stuff that makes me want to write “wow” and “cool” in the margin, rather than “what the hell does that mean?”  And, of course, even those who spin out those tangled webs of words probably mean something — they’re just not skilled in communicating their ideas yet.

As far as current projects go — yeah.  I’m working on a novel; it involves a modern mage living in Chicago.  Original, right?  I’m working on poetry, too.  As far as books on magic go . . . maybe I’m burned out.  I’ve toyed with the idea of a book about divination, and I like the idea of a book of spells that isn’t.  But mostly, I’ve noticed that the stuff I’d like to read (and therefore write) doesn’t really sell.  C’est la vie.


4 Responses to “Change in the Wind”

  1. Someone once wrote “write what you know.” Will the modern mage in your novel be buying a home? As I have bought your 2 books on magic, I can attest that they do sell, but perhaps there just aren’t enough discerning book buyers. I will buy your novel (and perhaps even get to read it before my husband does!) when you finish it. Good fiction is even rarer than good non-fiction, so please, write quickly!

  2. Jeepers, can’t find an email addy for you on your website. So, I got to ask you a question in this little box. Are you acquainted with the Abraham/Hicks seminars/books/DVDs etc.? I got into them a few months ago and I have the funny feeling that what Abraham is “preaching” is very much on the same wave length as “magic.”

    I loved both your books. Novel me up, sir.

    • I’m not familiar with it, but I’ll check it out. And the novel has moved to #4 on the list of writing to be done. Numbers 1-3 are all boring academic things.

  3. “boring academic things”… that’s why this will be my last year teaching. I want to… explore the cosmos. (Plus, I won’t have to put up with NCLB.)

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