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Posted in Political on November 4, 2008 by Patrick

I’m proud of you, America.



Posted in alchemy on November 2, 2008 by Patrick

In an effort to give my wand a workout (ahem) I’ve taken up some simple plant alchemy.  I want to explore the place where matter and consciousness interact, and this seems a cool way to do it.

Or a waste of time, we’ll see.

Tonight during the hour of Sol I ground an ounce of Egyptian camomile (which [a] is more than you think and [b] is a nightmare to powder by hand in a morter and pestle — in truth, it came out a bit rough).  I put in a jar, poured vodka over it because, it turns out, it’s illegal to sell (but not to own) Everclear in my ‘burb.  Since I’m just aiming for a simple spagyric tincture, though, I think vodka will suffice.

Now I shake it every day for about two weeks, at which point I figure out where I can calcinate it without getting arrested for unauthorized fire or kicked out of my apartment for setting off the alarms.