Peru shamans perform magic on U.S.

Peruvian shamans perform rituals in an attempt to influence the U.S. election.

Do you think it’s ethical to try to use magic to influence an election?

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3 Responses to “Peru shamans perform magic on U.S.”

  1. The political process is magickal, magick of all kinds is used on all sides to try and influence the outcome. The political process and magick are irrevocably intertwined, the political process can’t exist without magick.

    I could conceive of a “spell” designed to convince people not to use magick to influence the process. It would be telling them that it is unethical to use magick, or that magick doesn’t exist, or that it’s pointless to use magick because the other side’s magick is stronger, etc.

  2. lavana(h) Says:

    Why not? To be pop culture about it, as JK Rowling said “the other side has magic, too.” The other and more down to earth point might be that American politics has an outsized effect on the lives of people in other nations. Why shouldn’t they try to effect our elections to, if not negate our effects on them, at least make the effects more positive? They can’t vote in our elections, what other choices might they have?

  3. Malakh777 Says:

    Why not? I know I did. I also agree with the other two comments in the “they have magic too” statement.

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