Getting the Message

So last night I did a ritual divination to determine how I’m doing, you know, like Ed Koch but with spirits.  I invoked the HGA, then pulled out a major arcana card for each of the four worlds.  For Assiah, I got The Moon — which isn’t too terrible.  Stumbling along the path, not sure what the destination is, and potentially self-deceptive.  For Yetzirah, I got — The Moon.  Okay then.  For Briah, though, I got The Devil.  So there’s some block in the world of forms, some concept or notion chaining me down.  For Atziluth, I got Temperance, which seems pretty good, considering it’s samekh and so on, yadda yadda.

Then I went to bed and dreamed that I was lecturing my class on the City of Pyramids.  When I came home, I opened up my tool drawer and took out my wand, which split lengthwise into two pieces, both of which were soft and kind of rotten.

So, yeah.  Something’s wrong.


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