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Magiy Epocha Postmoderna

Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2008 by Patrick

Seeing your name written in Cyrillic on the cover of a book is a rarely-mentioned thrill of being an author.  (And I really kind of like the color scheme the Russian edition chose).

My name looks *really* cool in Russian.  Although it kind of looks like Pi-ampuk.

But then, as a wit once said, Russian is just “kaopectate” written over and over.


Quotidian Stuff

Posted in Speculation on September 22, 2008 by Patrick

I have two new interests.  Money, and power.

Money fascinates me because I can’t figure out what it symbolizes.  Not time, not effort, not work.  It seems to symbolize “value,” but if that’s the case, it’s a concretization of the abstractest of abstracts.

Power interests me because it doesn’t seem to exist.  If you define it as the ability to achieve desires and act with maximum freedom, for every desire you achieve you have to give up others.  I’ll never be a rock star; no time with my writing and my other work.  And every freedom you gain comes with attendant responsibilities; just ask any teenager who grew up and found out that staying out until four in the AM wasn’t always such a good idea, even if you could.

So those, and trying to buy a new house, are my interests.  I’m also kicking around new book ideas.  Maybe one on divination, or better yet, one on “sane magic.”  Like, how can one be a critical thinker and still believe in magic?  I’d enjoy writing that book.  I’m not sure anyone but me and my friends would enjoy reading it.