Where You Been?

Mostly, working — but also in California, briefly.  Beautiful place; I’ve seen prettier but only in the astral.

Two announcements:

1)  This blog isn’t dead; it’s just been on hiatus for work-related reasons.  It’s not easy to juggle careers.  It’s even harder to juggle vocations.  I intend to revamp this blog, enlarge it, and make it more accessible and useful in the very near future.

2)  I will be reading poetry and prose at the Barnes and Noble in Bollingbrook, IL, on Friday, March 28.


6 Responses to “Where You Been?”

  1. Original works? I would like to know because if it is, I’ll grieve all that much more!

    Seriously, if it’s original, will you be putting any of your stuff up here?

  2. What is the “astral” that you refer to, exactly? Is it a place or a state of mind?

  3. can u please give me a list of spirits and gods and powers so that I know wat to conjur up??????? post on ur website please

  4. Well, you’ve been missed. It isn’t like intelligence is all that common on the web.

  5. A.N.U. Says:

    Here’s a random question for you.

    Q: What, if any, texts existing concerning occultism and the law?

    All I’ve been able to find in a preliminary Googling is a couple of references to unpublished texts.


  6. Hello Patrick
    I did not want to post this as a reply so you can delete it if you want to do so. I would like your permission to add your blog URL to my blog links on my website.

    I only have two blogs and one of them is my own blog. I feel I would like to make it so people have some good links to go too. I hope you are doing well after your vacation.

    I love California also but Washington is prettier. Did you see Cat? I know my assistant and I would still like to take her courses.

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