The Internet

I like the Internet a lot.  I use it for a lot of very, very useful stuff.  I also waste time on it, and sometimes, it depresses me.  Sometimes, indeed, it’s not what we had hoped it would be.


2 Responses to “The Internet”

  1. It’s like the collective consciousness: we all have a say in it, are all connected to it, and in theory we think, Isn’t this going to be marvelous and beautiful? Then we realize everyone participating in the collective consciousness isn’t exactly contributing joy, love, and wisdom. Too bad there’s not a cosmic intranet we could tap into…one requiring some kind of karmic login credentials.

    Interestingly, an article just appeared on Reality Sandwich ( discussing the Internet as being another form of (forum for?) communication from the universe…and using an unintentionally humorous and informative spam as an example. In other words, even its time-wasting, IQ-lowering, free-meds-from-Canada, enlarge-your-penis-now surface content contains symbolic or unconscious messages. Wonder what you think about that, Patrick? (This seems right up your alley from the book, both in terms of magic being a sort of information model, with symbolic communication everywhere, and in terms of the Internet being a kind of mutually-created, very pesky servitor.)

    So, the question: Is the Internet our creation? Our reflection? A collective-consciousness entity with all aspects of our psyche embarrassingly, horrifyingly, publicly displayed?

    Even if it is an “entity” in its own right, I’m afraid it’s like one from the second act of a B-movie sci-fi film: “It’s grown too powerful! We can’t control it! It’s not responding!” We’ll need a professor with a pipe, a teenage girl, and a gruff, by-the-book army general to get together in a bunker and find some way to attack.

  2. Well, I suppose I could start smoking a pipe . . . I mean, if it’s necessary to the welfare of the future and all.

    The thing is, the internet is really, really new. When the printing press was invented, it was chiefly used to print Bibles. Maybe we can draw a useful parallel.

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