Rigorous Intuition

An interesting post on Rigorous Intuition.  I particularly like the quote from George Hanson, whom pretty clearly I need to read more of:

It is commonly assumed that there is a simple, objective correspondence between the signifier and the signified even thought they are separate entities. It is assumed that language is only a set of names for things, events, and concepts. These assumptions are incorrect, but few recognize the extent of the implications. This lies at the heart of deconstructionism, and magic.


2 Responses to “Rigorous Intuition”

  1. Cool synchronicity… I only just discovered Rigorous Intuition yesterday after following a Google link for Douglas R. Hofstadter. Yep, lots to read and digest.

  2. Rigorous Intuition has been a favorite haunt of mine for a while. I don’t agree with how far the site’s author goes when it comes to certain topics, but his insight is second to none. This latest post is a classic.

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