So I finally bought some keyboard lessons. It’s a little strange to sit in the waiting room of the music academy here and wait with all the parents. I desperately hope they don’t make small-talk.  “Are your children taking piano lessons?”  “Um.  No.”  Assumption of heteronormativity and — can’t find a Greek name for it — the idea that learning stops with adulthood?

She (the teacher) has me working on some rather simple, basic things, which is good, since it’s those basics I lack. I’m pleased that she’s already got me building chords and using both hands. We also seem to share a loathing for mindless learning.  She says that in two weeks, we’ll start playing the Blues.  Ain’t that cool.


One Response to “Keyboard”

  1. I purchased a Casio WK 1630 keyboard in 2001 and it’s probably the best 300 bucks (might have been 400, I forget) I’ve ever spent. I’m still finding new ways to make music.

    Most recently I’ve been experimenting with background percussion while I meditate. Nothing conclusive so far.

    Not tried yet… today is Tuesday… Mars’ Day. According to Math for Mystics (presently reading), the tone is Do – C. That’s easy enough to play around with. Different tones for different days.

    Gosh, as long as I’m here, lemme recommend the movie Transformers for pure mindless fun (that is, if you dig giant robots, which I most definitely do.) There’s good acting, great special effects, humorous situations… in fact, if I had any spare money I’d buy one large boatload of Hasbro stock cause I believe their Transformer toys are going to be the NEXT BIG THING (again).

    Let me put it this way… “Sam’s happy time.” You go see it, you’ll grok and laugh with me.

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