Working on revisions for book II, a little thingy on language in magic. I am struggling hard for a title. Everything I come up with sounds limp. I considered naming it Words to Spark Lightning, from a poem by Rumi, but it just sounds so — feh. Obviously, In the Beginning was the Word is a possibility, but no, too Christian (not that I have anything against Christians, mind you — but the book isn’t about that). Magical Words and Words of Power were both contenders, but there are already books named that, and though I haven’t read them, nothing is as frustrating as naming a book after another book, accidently, that you later discover you don’t much like (ahem ahem, as has happened to someone I know, ahem ahem). There’s also Evra ka’davar, but I sincerely doubt anyone will be impressed with my Hebrew and I’m sure my publisher would plotz if I tried it. So far I’ve been refering to it as The Big Scary Unnamed Book of Magical Wonder and variations on that theme. So, yeah, title suggestions are welcome, but any suggestion offered becomes my property to do with as I like, which might include tattooing it on my forehead.
My blog has picked up in terms of spam. I must have arrived. At least robots are reading me. I filter it all, but if it gets too much heavier, I may have to find some sort of automated way of doing it, or require registration for comments.


2 Responses to “Revisions”

  1. Brittany Says:

    At least you are at the title now… ha.

    Built of Living Words
    Carpe Wordem (haha… just kidding)..

    I really have no idea….

  2. Viral Magick.


    Magick is a Virus From Outer Space.


    Say It Don’t Spray It


    I am Rubber, You are Glue


    No More Secrets

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