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Posted in Uncategorized on December 28, 2006 by Patrick

I have just packed up about twenty-five boxes of my stuff, and am nowhere near finished.  I hope to finish the majority of this tomorrow so that I can spend Saturday cleaning.

The best part of a magician’s moving is that he has boxes labeled things like “assorted gods and spirits — fragile, do not drop or offend” and “sacred objects & socks.”



Posted in Techniques on December 6, 2006 by Patrick

I learn new things every day.  For example, I could never open jars of pickles.  I simply assumed that, for whatever reason, my hands were as weak as a little girl’s, and so pickle jars would always be an ordeal.  I could dance around a kitchen for half an hour pounding on the lid of a jar, cursing at it, muttering at it in Latin, running it under the tap, and so on.

Then someone watching me go through the Ordeal of the Pickle said “try turning the jar and not the lid.”  “If I could turn either of them,” I grumbled, “I’d have a pickle already.”  “Just try it.”

I scoffed.  After all, turning the jar and turning the lid are the same exact motion from the perspective of physics.  Einstein proved it — the movement of the jar is relative to your location of observation.  If you’re the lid, the jar turns; if you’re the jar, the lid turns.  And I didn’t see how shifting my perspective to the lid would help me open the jar.

*pop*  It opened.

I can open jars now.  Pickles, hot peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, kim chee . . . name it.  I’m sure there’s a physics-related reason for why turning the jar and not the lid works.  I’m not claiming that there’s magic in this.

Except that there is.  Every problem has two (or more) sides in conflict, and we have a tendency to focus on only one side of the problem.  Sometimes just moving our awareness to the other side of the problem can offer enough traction to solve it.