The problem with curses

And here’s the problem with curses, in light of the voodoo curse I mentioned last post:

Steve Favela, 30, and two other officers crashed as the motorcade traveled across Hickam Air Force Base to meet troops for breakfast early Tuesday. Light rain had been falling, and some roads on the base were slick.

Also from the same article, apparently it’s pretty dangerous to protect the President right now:

In a separate incident, a fourth solo motorcycle officer crashed and injured his wrist when attempting a U-turn on loose gravel while escorting the president last Monday night. He was treated and released.

Also during the president’s 16-hour stopover, a White House staff member was hospitalized early Tuesday after being mugged by three assailants near Waikiki Beach.

Some might count this success. I don’t. I count it bad aim and murder of innocent people. Those who protect the president do so because it’s their job and their duty.

The original curse, you’ll remember, was designed to:

. . . send spirits to possess Secret Service personnel guarding Bush and put them in a trance, leading them into falsely thinking the president was under attack, thus eventually causing chaos in Bogor Presidential Palace, where the American leader was scheduled to meet President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday.

Pak Pamungkas, when you resort to violence to solve your problems, you just create suffering.  And do you think the President of the U.S. cares that much?  You made him write out a few “get well cards” and a “sympathy” card, and he probably didn’t even write them himself.


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