I’ve got lots of good stuff to blog, among them a seminar I attended in Chicago with Lon Milo DuQuette that was very informative and interesting. But I have a mysterious and ill-defined pain in my left wrist, which might be some variety of repetitive stress injury. It hurts a bit to type, so I’m going to wear a brace for a couple days and keep my typing at a relative minimum (so, only about a thousand words a day, instead of two thousand). Occupational hazard. Please be patient.


2 Responses to “ouch”

  1. Hi Again Patrick: Take it from a pro seamstress, if it’s an RS problem, get some excersizes for the nerves and muscles! My fingers all went numb on my [non-dominant] left hand. I thought I was going to have to quit my career. There’s a web site that animates some of these, which is cool. I had some physio-therapy also and that got my nerves unkinked and feeling back into my fingers again. I’m lucky!

  2. If you are experiencing muscle contraction, tension, a abnormal growth, pain or weakness; hand surgery is necessary. During hand surgery the doctor will evaluate what is causing the problem and either mend bones or tendons back together, make an incision to release all the fluids or pressure in the area.

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