Street Magic

I’m sort of interested in the idea of people who use magic for survival, on a day-to-day basis.  I think an interesting book could be made of interviews with such people, discussions of their techniques, and so on.  I simply have no idea where to find such folks.  (Besides, of course, just putting up signs all over Belmont and Clark)


4 Responses to “Street Magic”

  1. One paragraph? We must hear more. Cough up a summary of the book or its title at least!

  2. Administrator Says:

    I can’t; I haven’t written it yet. It’s just a germ of an idea.

  3. First – I was roaming about when I spotted your book. I’m going back to buy it.

    I have a person who I believe uses magic for survival. Her story begins here… (I think of her as the Little Big (Wo)Man of Las Cruces, New Mexico.)

  4. If your still looking, you might want to pose your question to this group,
    Its a myspace group called Grass roots magic. The person who over see’s the group is a very active magician and I’m sure would welcome such a question for discussion. I post there often under the name Levin.

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