A quick thought on evocation

Evocation is the summoning of a spirit outside one’s sense of self.  In the Western Mystery Tradition, that’s usually outside of a magical circle into a triangle, crystal, or small table called an “almadel.”  In Tibetan magic, it’s into a magical circle called a kylchor.  But either way you cut it, it’s a spirit you summon.

For some reason, there’s a lot of emphasis on seeing the spirit visually, that I’ve never understood.  Most spirits are pretty naturally invisible, and while one can see them in the Imagination, forcing them to become visible is a strain.  I’ve discovered that, visible or not, spirits will give some sign of their presence, subjective or, sometimes, objective.  I think the whole “visible evocation” thing is rather over-rated.

Similarly, I think we could conceptualize the whole process differently.  I have several friends who live closer to Chicago (or “Civilization”) than I do; when we meet, sometimes they come here, sometimes I go there, sometimes we meet halfway.  Instead of making the spirits always come to us, why not meet them halfway?  Evocation on the astral is so much easier, even if half the ritual is done in physical space, and trust me — the spirits appreciate the effort.


2 Responses to “A quick thought on evocation”

  1. Where’d you find out about the Tibetan stuff? I’d be interested in that.

  2. thats a great idea and i think when they say they see they mean they were scrying and saw it in there minds eye. so they attune to the astral plane when they are scrying it means that you can be be in a circle. i think when you astral project you would have to go to your astrsal eqivilant of your physical circle. and make another one doing LBRP while being out. but you would have to be pretty good or youll end up drifting around or pulled somewere else.to do this kind of operation would be very advanced. if your planning to do this let me know what spirit your planning to evocate is it goetic? i would be very interested if you had results

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