Yesterday I went to an mc chris concert.  It was a lot of fun, although going to an all-ages show, especially an mc chris show, is entertainment in its own right.  Ahh, geeks!  My people!  Still, I was not the oldest one there — that distinction went to one of my friends, thank the gods.  When he asked if there was anyone there who was older than college age, we were a tiny cluster of woot, my friends and I.

Evidently, contrary to the song, he is indeed going on tour.

One of the things that impressed me the most, weirdly, is that he mentioned he sat in a nearby park and read a book for a bit before the show.  I suppose I’m easily impressed, but living in a semiliterate culture, it’s nice to hear of someone, you know, reading.


2 Responses to “Concert”

  1. Don’t feel too bad Patrick, I had to cheat and look up “mc chris” to get an idea of who he is. Age seems irrelevent to cultural awareness in this case. Enjoying your book, by the way. I bought my own copy after discovering it in the local library. I’m about to reinforce the cover like the library did in case I set it down on any various kid-sticky surfaces around my house. I have a question: You refer to the “Mage” in your book. What is the proper pronunciation for “mage”? Is it with a long “A” sound or a short “a” sound? Thanks, Christine!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hi, Christine! Thanks for buying my book.

    Mage is pronounced with a long {a} — it rhymes with “cage.” I use the word “mage” primarily because it doesn’t have many connotations — it’s pretty neutral. Or so I thought! Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that there’s a roleplaying game of the same name . . . one really can’t escape connotation, I guess.

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