Magazine guy

He came back, or rather, different one. Talked and acted the same, though. It’s a spiel. Anyway, I mentioned that I had been reading about these things on the Internet, as a segue into “if you need help, I will help you get it,” but he cut me off with a rehearsed speech about how those things on the internet aren’t the ones that he works for, and so on.

Kind of threw me off my lunch, to be honest.

And, of course, I did nothing at all.  Just stood there and let him give his spiel.  I feel pretty down on myself for that.  He might have been there against his will, and I didn’t do anything at all to help.


5 Responses to “Magazine guy”

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Having survived many cults in my impressionable youth, I can honestly say the lad likely would have gotten violent if you had tried to remove him from his lifestyle.

  2. i was on a magazine crew for 3 years,, and alot of what ive read on the internet is NOT how most things worked. alot of companys are scams. alot of companys are legit. the one i worked for had been in buisness for over 30 years. ive read horror stories how people have been beat up and left for example. ive seen many people get beat up. those who got beat up on my crew were dishonest theives who pocketed cash orders instead of turned them in, people who brought hard drugs such as coke and heroine back to the hotel, guys have tried raping chicks on crew,, i think that was the worst ive seen someone beat. most people who have gotten ‘scammed’ have not been scammed by the companies themselves, but from the agents accually knocking on their door. no different from a vaccuum salesman who pockets the money, instead of turning in the order, or a clerk at a gas station who pockets money out of the till. unfortunatly their are alot of dishonest people in the world. not all mag crews are horrible.

  3. Well, I’m glad to hear that, lynn. I don’t like the idea of me being complicit when someone is being taken advantage of.

    Now I live in a controlled-access building, so there’s little chance of door-to-door anything, really.

  4. I traveled on a mag crew for 2 yrs. I had lots of fun, met alot of interesting people. Seen lots of people come and go on our crews but never seen anyone stranded. I joined at 18 yrs. old, it could get a bit intemmidating at times cause you have a quotta you have to meet every day. People actually got there magazines, depending on if the agent was honest or not. Most of the sales talks were lies……
    hey, my name is ????? my parents are donna and rick soandso there the ones on the cornner of ? and ?. you probibly seen my mom running with our dobberman at night. Anyway, I’m out annoying the neighbors tonight, ya see our Tri city baseball team won the semi finals and our coaches along with our parents figured if we held a fun raiser to help our traveling cost we would appreciate our possible victory more. soo heres what we got, alot of the neighbors are just picking one,or two and sending it to a hostpital or charity. soo wich ones can you help me with?… Thats only one of many sales talks. It usually depended on what type of neighborhood we were in, Malls and colleges were awsome to work. It was alot of fun but not a career.

  5. I worked for a mag crew for about 9 months. I have never been a great sales person, but I was young and cute, so they had me hire people instead. After everything I experienced on crew I felt horrible for bringing anyone else into it. Drugs, sex and energy pills. I lost so much weight never eating and taking drugs. Luckly I got pregnant and relized that I had someone to take care of. I literally had to sneak away cause they wouldn’t let me leave. The police in Alabama had to help me get home to California. I hate that life.

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