I’m tied with milk

I’m pleased to point out that my book has exactly the same rating on Amazon.com as milk. If my book is as good as milk, shouldn’t you buy it? Just don’t try to make it part of a healthy breakfast.

(from BoingBoing)


2 Responses to “I’m tied with milk”

  1. Well, yes. Milk. But did you see the reviews? At least yours are better than this one:

    230 of 244 people found the following review helpful:
    Not good for roof leaks, August 4, 2006
    Reviewer: VR (Albuquerque, NM) – See all my reviews

    I had a problem where my roof was leaking. I poured some Tuscan Whole Milk over it to seal it up and it just flowed right into the hole and didn’t do anything. I now have milk constantly dripping down from the ceiling and it has stained the drywall as well. The milk trapped in the ceiling is now rancid and smells horrible. It has also induced a pest infestation problem. The pest control company won’t deal with it because of the odor is unbearable in the house. My wife and children are now leaving me as well. This product has ruined my life. Do not buy this product, I suggest some roof caulking or tar instead.

  2. Administrator Says:

    My book is superior for the fixing of roof leaks. I know — I’ve been using the free copies I get as shingles. 🙂

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