New Edition of S.S.O.T.B.M.E.

There are some books I must read in small doses, because the excitement of new ideas mingles with the despair of ever writing anything as groundbreaking.

The new and improved S.S.O.T.B.M.E. is such a book — one of those that makes me wish I had written it, because if I had, maybe my views on science and magic would be a bit clearer. While I don’t like the emphasis on aeonics in one chapter — every time someone brings up talk of “aeons” my eyelids feel heavy — and I think it could be a bit clearer for those without an advanced background in postmodern theory, it’s a miracle between two pieces of cardboard.

My answer to a lot of magical-type question could be “read S.S.O.T.B.M.E.”


One Response to “New Edition of S.S.O.T.B.M.E.”

  1. Based on your recommendation, I picked this up. I loved every minute of it. Whereas I believe PMM is the best introduction to practical magic for the post-modern man/woman, SSOTBME may be the clearest explanation of general magic theory. It’s certainly as seminal as you implied.

    I agree the aeonics stuff is a bit off-putting, though I kind of enjoy the implications of cyclical time. The old scientist in me would not stop rearing its head. “But look at all science has wrought! Increased life span, miracle drugs, surgery, running water, electricity!” I kept having to remind myself that Ramsey’s not advocating the abolishment of science anymore than he’d desire to do away with art.

    He just sometimes comes off that way. I’d hate to see how cumbersome it would be to have to continually say, “But Science is still good.” every other paragraph.

    The way he repeatedly mentions Richard Dawkins is also a bit strange.

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