Conlanging — words to conjure with

I got me the conlanging bug again. I’m toying with a language whose lexicon is created through glossolalia, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it. I was thinking of just recording myself speaking in tongues, grabbing the Swadesh list, and assigning lexemes willy nilly. Another possibility is “translating” a text — but that’ll likely lead to soup.

The other thing I’m toying with — maybe it’ll end up related — is an ideographic writing system. I toy with such things on and off. Supposedly they’re impossible, but Blissymbolics seems to work. Of course, that’s not perfectly ideographic, it strikes me. But a magical language, with a much smaller domain, could get by with even fewer basic forms and make use of shortcuts Bliss could never manage. For example, if you have one symbol for metal, you could combine the planetary symbols to create glyphs for the seven planetary metals. The goal here would be to create a language to note down not just sentences of desire but also theoretical ideas, showing the relationship between them more clearly than with alphabetic words.

Wonder if there’s a way to post a sample of it here, once I figure it out . . .


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